John David Pennington Trio - Live at UALR

Full concert recorded at the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall in Little Rock-Arkansas and broadcast by UALR Television.

John David Pennington-piano,  Joe Vick-bass,  William Vick-drums


John David Pennington has arranged for big bands and led several trios, notably being featured at the historic Afterthought jazz club in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a solo artist his music is dynamic and spontaneous, moving between grooves and moods in a way that is both unexpected and effortless. His improvisations conjure elements from rock, funk, classical, and popular styles at a moments notice, manipulating passages of tension and repose into a compelling dramatic narrative. John David Pennington brings a fresh take to the jazz scene, and delivers an exciting and organic live experience to each performance.




Beetle Box is an experimental project by John David Pennington dedicated to creating original music for piano and computer.

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